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Nacho Average Wednesday

We all know how hard and hungry the long work week can make you, Kachina is here to help with your Wednesday cravings and your wallet. Join us every Wednesday after work, after walking the dog, or once you just arrived in Denver from 3-6pm and indulge in our complimentary nacho bar with a purchase of an alcoholic beverage. The nacho bar is placed along our airstream providing you with the authenticity of being on the road eating delicious nachos and mingling with friends and family. An ice cold refreshing margarita, beer or sangria certainly helps as a pick me up from that middle of the week blues! With the interactive condiments to the vast variety of hot sauces it will have you thinking, am I a professional nacho mixologist? No nacho plate will be the same, but just perfect and satisfying for you… Until next Wednesday at least!