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Appetizers + For the Table

Trio of Guacamole**$14
traditional, corn, chipotle guacamole

crispy pork belly + southwestern pork rinds, morita, habanero pickled onion

Chipotle Shrimp + Waffle$12
blue corn + jalapeno waffle, grilled corn salsa, chipotle butter

Scallop Ceviche* **$13
lime, green onion, candied fresno chile, tomato, radish, smoked salt, olive oil

Cured + Dried Meat$16
artisanal meats and house made jerky

Chips and Salsa**$10
pico de gallo, chile morita, ancho tomatillo

Crispy Quail Legs$11
flash fried, jalapeno + chipotle dressing

Smoked Potted Colorado Trout$14
pickled egg, preserved lemon crema

Colorado Bison Empanada$9
chipotle agave, habanero pickled onion, cilantro salad

Huitlacoche Tamales**$10
poblano + wild mushroom, cotija, pico de gallo

Farmstead Cheese$16
locally sourced artisanal cheeses

Soups - Salads - Stews

Bowl of Red$6
texas beef chili, cheddar, onion, flour tortilla

Sonora Wheat Berries$7
kale, mint, grapefruit, elderberry vinaigrette

Grilled Nopales**$7
heirloom tomato, manchego, braised fennel, avocado, fresno vinaigrette

New Mexico Green Chili$6
aged jack, onion, flour tortilla

Pork Posole Rojo**$16
tomato, avocado, cilantro, cabbage, radish, corn chips

Casa Greens$7
radish, pepitas, chipotle flat bread, oloroso vinaigrette


Rajas + Calabacitas Enchilada$14
stacked, Christmas style, aged cheddar, dry jack, roasted corn relish

Bison Meatloaf$18
corn pudding, fried onions, pasado demi

Achiote Chicken**$22
grilled breast, brick leg, potato hash, poblano pepper, smoked jus

Diver Scallops* **$27
ancho glazed pork belly, corn puree, roasted corn relish, pickled grapes, chile oil

Cowgirl Ribeye* **$31
center cut, sweet potato + chile gratin, bourbon wild mushrooms, salsa verde

Chicken Enchilada$17
stacked, christmas style, aged cheddar, dry jack

Three Sisters**$21
ga'ivsa, butternut squash puree, tepary bean hash, shaved manchego

Colorado Striped Bass**$26
fingerling potato, cippolini onion, fresh corn, sweet corn + chipotle cream

Cascabel Chile Braised Pork Shank**$25
pima corn grits, citrus + herbs

Skirt Steak* **$24
adobo marinated, charro beans + rice, grilled onion, salsa verde, cotija cheese

Navajo Tacos

The Pueblo$5
tequila carnitas, tomatillo salsa, jalapeno jack, brussels sprouts slaw

The Maricopa$6
gulf shrimp a la plancha, green chile aioli, peach habanero salsa, brussels sprout slaw

The Sonoran$4
calabacitas, avocado, ancho tomatillo salsa

The Santa Fe$4
smoked chicken, charred tomato salsa, asadero, caramelized onion

The Texan$5
epazote braised beef, pico de gallo, charro beans + chorizo, chipotle aioli

The Mojave$6
duck confit, pickled cactus, chipotle agave, manchego

Navajo Taco Plate$15
choice of any two tacos, rice and beans

Side Dishes

Pima Corn Grits**$5


Arroz Verde**$5

Rajas Con Crema**$5

Hand Cut Fries**$5

Cowboy Beans**$5

Arroz Rojo**$5

Black Charro Beans**$5

Navajo Fry Bread**$5


*These items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Vegetarian and Gluten Friendly options are available.